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Thursday, April 14, 2011

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(In the case of Dhaka and Jahangirnagar Mughal period before the Bangladesh ঢাকা, IPA) and the Bangladesh capital Dhaka: Dhaka is. Dhaka metropolitan area and the largest city in South Asia. Buriganga Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh, making the biggest city in metro population with more than $ 120,000. The ninth largest city in the world and good in the world's most populous city. Dhaka, Islam in the world to produce best known as a city of temples. Dhaka, wagon known as the capital of the world. Today, about 400,000 bicycle rickshaws. Also today, cultural, educational and economic areas as the most important role.
Mughal government in the 17th century was known as Jahangir Nagar town. The capital of fat and the World Trade Center is a calico. Modern British rule, especially during the 19th century the city developed, however, (now Kolkata) in Bengal after Calcutta was the second largest city. Due to the division of Bengal in 1905, states, Dhaka, East Bengal and Assam in the provincial capital of the country's new capital, but the situation again in 1911 after a break is not valid is lost. Independence in 1947, after the partition of India when in 1971, Bangladesh, East Pakistan's capital Dhaka is the administrative capital. In the past, the city, emergency shock troops, Bangladesh's independence, military suppression, a series of wars and natural disasters has been deleted.
Modern Dhaka, Bangladesh, cultural, political and economic development center. Urban infrastructure development in the high country, while Dhaka, pollution, traffic congestion and population growth and related problems such as lack of appropriate services experience. Past decade, Dhaka, transport, communications, civil engineering has not been upgraded. Commerce and trade, foreign investment, a large increase in the city can be drawn. United States, Dhaka, facing heavy flow of people across the world's fastest growing city.
Main article: History of Dhaka
Lalbagh Fort Prince Muhammad Azam Shah, the mid-17th century fort and Bibi Angel Emperor Aurangzeb, the son of the daughter of Shaista Khan Mausoleum Construction
Dhaka, now seven years beginning in this field there is. 9th century Hindu city government Kamarupa brought before passing control of the military dynasty Buddhist king. Dhakeshwari Balla Sena Devi temple in the 12th century the founding of the city is possible. Dhaka and its surrounding areas have been around that period identified as Bengalla. Laxmi market in town, Shankhari market, Tanti market, Patuatuli, Kumartuli, bathroom and purpose towns Central Market is composed of others. After the Empire Star, Dhaka, 1608 Mughals, led by commander several times before receiving a break from the Sultan of Bengal and the Delhi Sultanate.
Significant population growth, settlement and housing development under the Mughal capital for 1608 Lead (palace) is a Bengal. [13] [14] [15] Mogul Kahn became the first director Subahdar Islam. This name will be the death of Jahangir, but less [16] Kahn the Great Mughal Jahangir town "Jahangir Nagar, and" (Jahangir জাহাঙ্গীর নগর, city) named in honor of. In contrast, the Mughal general Shaista Khan, the city expanded under. About one million (eight 12 miles) 13km 19 measured people's urban population. British East India Company's revenue in 1765 to (Diwan right) in 1793 after getting the line right on business, the Nawab of Bengal, Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, all power, force the city to a certain point the most important urban development modernization is under the control of the British people, but the period has been reduced significantly increased, while Kolkata is known. New water policy which began in 1874 and in 1878 electricity was introduced. Dhaka Cantonment was established near the city and British troops and Bengali fundamental role.
Ahsan Manzil palace, Dhaka Nawab family, and now a museum.
Units are not in Bengal in 1905, Dhaka, East Bengal and Assam, Bengal, the capital of the newly formed state, but since 1947 the 1911th meet again the partition of India, and Dhaka became the capital of East Pakistan. Large urban communities are shown violent partition of India. City Muslims has been a great inspiration to get, urban population, while an important part of Hindu India. Local politics, but enhance political rally in Dhaka as a center can be seen in a terrorist attack. Pakistan to gauge the only government to stand against the crowd as adopted Urdu. Bengali Language Movement, Pakistani students protest police shooting and killing peaceful protesters as the number of results are known. 1950 and 1960, Dhaka, slow pace and demand for reproductive autonomy and political activities Bengali population.
Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, can the national parliament.
1970 Bhola cyclone devastated large areas, and about 50 people were killed. Millions of people over more than half of submerged lands. The way racial discrimination and poor cyclone relief efforts in the federal government Bengali politician Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for the development, street, March 7, 1971 is collected from the nationalists, with public anger with. Leadership in March, nearly a million people in Bangladesh 26 included in the collections of the Declaration of Independence. We Pakistani military operations, arrest, torture are looking for, thousands of people struck. Mitra Corps and Indian Army, Pakistan Army, and after nine months of bloody war, 16 Indian soldiers was a war for the independence of Bangladesh. As the capital of Dhaka, Bangladesh population in large rural areas as the movement of foreign workers, will increase the city can be seen since independence. Urban commerce and industry, with the development of infrastructure and services has created additional problems. City limits and north Mohammadpur, Bashundhara, Motijheel and Mirpur in the real estate boom of the expansion where a new population growth.
Reference: Geography of Bangladesh
Dhaka to the eastern edge of the river Buriganga 23 ° 42'0 "No, 90 ° 22'30" E is located in central Bangladesh. Ganges River Delta, located in down town and area of ​​153.84 square kilometers (59.40 square miles) covers are closed. [30], eight large tuna, Lalbagh, Kotwali, Sutrapur, Ramna, Motijheel, Paltanea, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Tejgaon made - 16 auxiliary audio - Gulshan, Mirpur, Pallabi, Ali Shah Turaag, Sabujbagh, Dhaka Cantonment, Demre, Hazaribagh, Shyampur, Baddi, Kafr Kamrangir symbol, Khilgaon and Uttar Pradesh. Overall, the city has 130 branches and 725 mohallas. Dhaka area 1463.60 square (565 square miles) kilometers and Gazipur, Tangail, Munshiganj, Rajbari, Narayanganj, Manikgandzh field area is an area of ​​restriction. Tropical soils and plants near the surface, this plane is characterized by lakes. The heavy rainfall and the rainy season, infected leaves Dhaka storms cause flooding.
Dhaka Sky Line
Main article: Climate Dhaka
Dhaka, weather, moisture, heat and temperature and moisture out of ten experienced. Köppen, Dhaka, wet and dry tropical climate classification of the site. City average of 28 with a distinct rainy season, temperature, one trillion degrees Celsius (82 ° F) and average monthly 20 ° C (68 ° F that is) and month 32 ° C (90 ° F) to. [33] May 1854 (73 years) approximately 80% annual average rainfall in mm for September. Industrial waste public health and urban traffic congestion and air pollution will not increase the quality of life is a problem. Water and wetlands around Dhaka, the development of tall buildings and other assets will be written before the disaster. Environmental pollution, habitat degradation and threats related to local biodiversity will have a lot of things.
The first time in August 1864 in Dhaka city was founded in 1978, "profit" status has been updated. Takashi existing business district of the city building. Other sectors, elected members to date. Mayor elected by popular vote instead of every 5 Sadeque Hossain Khoka year this time. Dhaka Education Board, English language schools and madrasah, in addition to all public schools and private schools is responsible for managing the most. Average time by the Central Committee of Education and various schools of administration in Bangladesh in English to handle all the Islamic schools.
Crescent Lake at night
Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) 12 police office was established in 1976 and 6000 people. Urban population growth, increasing the formation of 23,000 people and 33 police officers have provided complete 18 swings.
City 25 (2011) is divided into districts of such election. Both major political parties Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Houses several ministries Ramna contains the Secretariat. Supreme Court of Bangladesh Dhaka city. Bangabhaban Mahal in India, the Governor of East Pakistan and Bangladesh, the current president's official residence of the governor. Renowned architect Louis Kahn House Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, as Congress will unikameral. Maize, design, development, Baitul Mukarram National Mosque and the Kaaba similar. Lalbagh Palace Katra time other historic sites in the city of Fort, Ahsan Manzil contains the heart and Dalan.
Population growth and to deal with traffic congestion, the recent government policy and urbanization of the area around the new buildings and structures in Dhaka for the introduction of 10-year tax holiday continued to build out. Chittagong, Dhaka, water flow, but only 25% of the population of deer in other places, while providing 30% of septic tanks. Dhaka city's water system 10003 / 2 to provide furniture. More than 9.7 million tons of waste per year, Takashi. As a fertilizer in the city government and private business has failed to collect garbage, but the most common primary solid waste management and disposal of the sea surrounding area.
Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, one of the most important commercial center
Dhaka, Bangladesh's commercial capital. Product of a growing middle class population of the city, a modern and sophisticated market for customers has changed. Historic cities, the majority of migrant workers [48] and, vendors, retailers, small shops, rickshaws transport, roadside vendors and has attracted the majority of the population means -ll Around 800,000 Angkong driver for a half-house workers employed in the textile industry is busy and not working plans, more than 400,000 [50] needs. However, 23 percent unemployment is still high. Dhaka, the city's gross domestic product (GMP), are listed in U.S. $ 81 billion since 2009. 2025 IPP 6.2 percent annual growth rate of the stripping is expected to increase to 215 billion U.S. dollars. 48% of households in the village to find work for a large percentage living below the poverty line, per capita income of Dhaka, more than $ 10 per person (700 টাকা) exist with an estimated $ 500 per annual covers.
Bangabandhu International Conference Center
The city's Motijheel, New Market, Gulshan Hazaribagh and Tejgaon industrial agriculture to the main business district is well supplied. Bashundhara Baridhara Economic Development Zone, high technology, business and major shopping centers within 5 years as supplied. Dhaka Export Processing Zone garments, textile, and other products to promote exports. Dhaka EPZ Duitda it. You mostly female workforce is home to 413 industries. Dhaka Stock Exchange was established in the city, Bangladesh, Citigroup, HSBC Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Standard Chartered Bank (Bangladesh), American Express and the largest multinational companies, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Total, British Petroleum in, including Unilever, set, DHL Express Delivery and British American Tobacco. Concorde Group, headquartered in Dhaka as large local groups Purwokerto, Zaman, Industry Group Rahimafrooz Beximco group, conference group, the group found rangs. Small loan offices here and in the Dhaka-based Grameen Bank and Nobel Prize began to relax. Event city and major construction boom with new high-rise buildings, to provide views of the city. Development, financial, manufacturing, telecommunications, tourism and services, hotels and restaurants in Dhaka, a very strong economy is important to continue to live.
Dhaka City Corporation (the jurisdiction of the Takashimaya) 7.0 million population. When Congress in 2008, 12.8 in the formation of a major metropolitan area for the first time in collaboration with nearly one million. About 4.2 percent per year, most in Asia, the city's population increased. 1960 and continued growth in 1970 to 60 percent of Dhaka city, the city was an increase in migration from rural areas to reflect continued. In recent years the city limits of the urban population grew in 1980 over a million people in their respective cities. According to the Far Eastern Economic Review, Dhaka 2025, some 250,000 people will live.
Level of literacy is 62.3 percent. City's population with almost every area of ​​Bangladesh people. Dhakaia unique and for a long time resident of old city culture bid. Living in the city 15000-20000 Rohingya, Santal, Khasi, Garo, and the market is not enough to dodge.


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